For exchange students (EN)

Entry to Faculty of Arts buildings

Currently there are no restrictions for entry to Faculty of Arts buildings.

Teaching and exams (at the Faculty of Arts)

The basis of most courses will be in-person teaching, and where the technical capabilities of the room allow it, teachers are encouraged to implement hybrid teaching methods that allow students to come in for in-person teaching while also making it possible for students to connect online, if they are unable to come into class. Some courses may be taught completely online, if the head of the department and study programme agree to it.

Teachers should inform students about the format of teaching in their course – unless you are already using an e-learning platform for a given course, the teacher will most likely contact you using the e-mail you have in your profile in SIS.

Please make sure that the e-mail address you have listed in your profile in SIS is up to date, and check it regularly. Teachers will be sending you important information about teaching and exams to this address.

Teachers should give any students who must miss class due to illness or quarantine the opportunity to fulfill the class requirements in other ways – if this applies to you, let your teachers know and ask them about how to make up any missed assignments.

If tested positive or showing symptoms of Covid-19

A) Student showing symptoms/contact with an infected person

It is unfortunately currently very difficult for foreigners to access free PCR tests, even if you have a registered EHIC card or travel insurance. With the EHIC card you should be able to request a refund from your home healthcare provider, but you would still need to pay for the PCR test on site. The other option is to buy home antigen tests from a local pharmacy. A list of testing centers in Prague can be found here:

B) Positive test result

If you test positive on a PCR test, please inform your faculty coordinator.

Students who have a positive test result must isolate themselves – the current isolation rules can be found here:

Faculty of Arts libraries

For detailed information about which library services are currently available, check here:

Accommodation at Charles University Dormitories

If you are an Erasmus student, contact the Erasmus institutional office ( for questions about dormitory housing.

If you are not an Erasmus student, contact your faculty coordinator for questions about dormitory housing.

If arriving on different date than stated in the accommodation voucher/accommodation agreement, please inform the dormitory office at at least 3 days before your arrival.

Coming to the Czech Republic

Detailed information about current rules for entry to the Czech Republic can be found here:

General information about entering the Czech Republic, including links to the full text of current entry rules, can be found here:

A full list of vaccine certificates that are recognized by the Czech Republic can be found here:

Please note: You must fill in the following form to announce your arrival: You must do this before you arrive.

If you need to submit a PCR test upon arrival, it is possible to get tested at the airport (at your own expense):

If you need to submit a test five days after arrival, there are also various places in the center of Prague that do tests, the following locations are intended to serve visitors (you should register as a self-payer):

Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners

The Czech government has opened its Central covid-19 vaccination registration system for self-payers. It is aimed at persons not insured within the public health insurance system of the Czech Republic and residing within the Czech Republic for over 90 days.

You can find all the relevant information at

1)            fill in your phone number
2)            obtain PIN1
3)            use it to acces the registration system