For exchange students (EN)

Entry to Faculty of Arts buildings 

Currently the Faculty of Arts is not checking for the absence of Covid-19 infection at the entrance to buildings or classrooms, because this requirement does not apply to educational activities. It is necessary to wear an FFP2 respirator or mask of similar quality while inside Faculty of Arts buildings, except inside classrooms, where teachers and students are not required to wear a mask. 

Only enrollment/orientation activities and university ceremonies are subject to the requirement to check for the absence of Covid-19 infection – in this case the event organizer will check valid vaccine certificates and/or negative Covid-19 tests. 

Teaching and exams 

Most teaching will be held in person in the winter semester 21/22 as long as the government allows it. However, some elective courses may be held online. 

In any case, please make sure that the e-mail address you have listed in your profile in SIS is up to date, and check it regularly. Teachers will be sending you important information about teaching and exams to this address.  

If tested positive or showing symptoms of Covid-19 

A) Student showing symptoms/positive antigen test result

If showing symptoms of Covid-19 or having a positive antigen test result, it is mandatory to undergo a PCR test immediately. If you are experiencing symptoms, you can call the Prague Hygiene Station (+420 296 336 700) to ask them to issue a test referral for you so that your test will be free. If this happens during the week, you can contact your faculty coordinator (; +420 221 619 841) for help arranging this.   

A list of testing centers for Covid-19: 

B) Positive PCR test result/Contact with an affected person

If having a positive result of PCR test or having been in direct contact with an affected person, it is mandatory to inform: 

All positive tested persons are contacted and followed up by the regional hygiene station. Hygiene station then contacts everyone who has been in personal contact with the positive tested person within 2 days and will set up a referral for those people to be tested for free.   

Students who have a positive PCR test result or were ordered to quarantine by hygiene station must quarantine for 14 days. 

Faculty of Arts libraries 

For detailed information about which library services are currently available, check here:  

Accommodation at Charles University Dormitories 

If arriving on different date than stated in the accommodation voucher/accommodation agreement, please inform the dormitory office at at least 3 days before your arrival. 

General rules: wear a facemask in all common areas, keep social distance, practice increased hygiene, no gatherings in common areas and rooms. 

A) Free entry

  • Students recovered from Covid-19 with confirmation that no more than 180 days have elapsed since.   

B) Conditional entry

Students without vaccination/with a not authorized vaccine/not fully vaccinated   

  • Arriving from a country with low or medium risk (see the map of the Ministry of Health)  

Student must present a negative antigen test result taken no later than 48 hours before/a negative PCR result taken no later than 72 hours before. After registration students will be entered into the system and need to show a negative result of an antigen test/PCR test every 7 days.  

Students can buy an antigen test at dormitories and test themselves. 

C) Restricted entry

Students without vaccination/with a not authorized vaccine 

Student must present a negative PCR test taken no longer than 72 hours before. Student must quarantine for 5 days (during which is student accommodated in a room designated for quarantine, observing the rules for quarantine). Student must undergo a PCR test again no later than 5 days after arrival in Czechia. If negative, the procedure explained under letter B) follows.  

  • Arriving from a country with extreme risk (black countries, see official list from the Ministry of Health linked here 

Student must show a negative result of a PCR test taken no longer than 72 hours before. Student must quarantine for 10 days. Moreover, student must undergo a PCR test again no later than 24 hours after arrival in Czechia. At the end of quarantine, the student must undergo another PCR test. If negative, the procedure explained under letter B) follows. 

Coming to the Czech Republic 

Current rules for entry to the Czech Republic are based on the risk designation of the country you are coming from – you can see your country’s designation and further details about the entry rules on this map:  

General information about entering the Czech Republic, including links to the full text of current entry rules, can be found here:  

If you are fully vaccinated (meaning two weeks have passed since your final vaccine dose) and you can show an approved vaccination certificate, then you are exempt from the testing and quarantine rules for entry to the country. All vaccine certificates from the EU are accepted, as well as certificates from selected third countries – a full list of accepted certificates can be found here:  

Please note: You must fill in the following form to announce your arrival (no matter which country you arrive from): You must do this before you arrive.  

If you need to submit a PCR test upon arrival, it is possible to get tested at the airport (at your own expense):  

If you need to submit a test five days after arrival, there are also various places in the center of Prague that do tests, the following locations are intended to serve visitors (you should register as a self-payer):  

Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners 

The Czech government has opened its Central covid-19 vaccination registration system for self-payers. It is aimed at persons not insured within the public health insurance system of the Czech Republic and residing within the Czech Republic for over 90 days. 

You can find all the relevant information at 

1)            fill in your phone number
2)            obtain PIN1
3)            use it to acces the registration system