For exchange students (EN)

Following the Regulation of the Hygiene Station of City of Prague No. 12/2020, which prohibits the in-person participation of students in university teaching with effect from 21 September, 2020, we add the following instructions:

  • The beginning of distance learning requires an increase in communication between students and teachers, or Faculty, therefore we ask all students for active cooperation.
  • Students are required to check their contact e-mail address in the Study Information System (SIS), to which they will continuously receive information on the organization of studies in the winter semester. Keep this address up-to-date and check your incoming messages regularly.
  • Follow the information on the website and the websites of the individual departments regularly.
  • The academic year schedule remains valid. SIS will open for registration of winter semester subjects on 25 September, 2020 at 2.00 pm. The academic year will start on 1 October, 2020.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the course syllabus, the course will be taught remotely in the winter semester. The in-person form is possible only for courses which are exempted from the prohibition of physical presence in class (see the news from 18 September, 2020). This information will be clearly marked in the syllabus no later than 24 September before the opening of SIS for registration.
  • During the first week of the semester, students enrolled in the course will receive an e-mail with the introductory information for organization of the course and an electronic platform through which the teacher will communicate with them using the e-mail address specified in SIS.
  • Students will receive information about teachers‘ consultation hours and the options via which they can conduct consultations – electronic platform, by phone, etc.
  • Please note that the faculty has the obligation to register sick students and employees with covid-19, therefore we ask for your cooperation. If you become ill, report it immediately to the contact e-mail address


This week, a decision will be made, based on the number of meals served and the expected occupancy of individual canteens, to close some kitchens and to deliver meals instead.

Coming to the Czech Republic

  • Currently, the Czech Republic is allowing entry from all EU countries and from third countries deemed to have a “low risk” of Covid-19 transmission. You can check which countries are currently considered “low-risk”on the Ministry of Health webpage:
  • If you are coming from a country on the “low-risk” list under the map above (unless your country is marked with an asterisk-*), then you can enter the Czech Republic without submitting a test or quarantine. This only applies if you have not visited any “high-risk” country in the 14 days before your arrival to Prague – for this reason we recommend that you avoid travelling outside the EU or to countries marked red on the map above in the 14 days before you come to the Czech Republic, if it can be avoided.
  • It is still possible to enter the Czech Republic from a “high-risk” country if you are an EU citizen or if you have a a visa for study in the Czech Republic or a residence permit in a country on the “low-risk” list, but it is necessary in this case to arrive with a negative Covid-19 test (less than 72 hours old) or pay to do one upon arrival.
    • If coming from a „high-risk“ country, it is necessary to announce your arrival on the following form:
    • The easiest way to get the first test is directly at the airport in Prague – further information and prices are listed here: Further tests can done at one of the medical faculties of Charles University (reduced price for Charles University students, only open on Mondays: or at various other places in the center of Prague. The following location is intended to serve visitors:

      Once you receive your test results, you must send them to the Prague Hygiene Station ( along with the following personal details: first name, last name, date of birth, date of arrival to Czech Republic, country from which you arrived, your address in Prague, and contact information (phone or e-mail or both). This should be done for the first time within 72 hours of your arrival, and then again 14 days later.
  • If you are a citizen of a „high-risk“ country coming to the Czech Republic from a low-risk country, it will not be necessary to submit testing upon arrival, but you will need to present either a visa for study in the Czech Republic or a residency permit in a „low-risk“ country (see list linked above) to enter the country.
  • More information about entering the country can be found here:

Accommodation at Charles University Dormitories

  • Measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and the rules for quarantine in the dormitories of Charles University are available here:

Rules at the Faculty of Arts

  • If you receive a positive test result for Covid-19, you are required to report it as soon as possible to the faculty by sending an e-mail to along with the following personal details: first name, last name, your student identification number (i.e. the number that is located under the photo on your ISIC/ID card).
  • It is now necessary to wear a face mask inside all faculty buildings. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you come to the Czech Republic with masks (ideally several reusable ones, made out of a material that can be washed in hot water). If you are unable to buy these in advance in your home country, it is possible to buy fabric masks in many small shops in Prague – but in that case you should at least have some disposable ones available for when you arrive. If you are feeling creative, are also numerous tutorials for making face masks (with or without sewing) on the internet.