For exchange students (EN)

updated 07/1


Entry to Faculty of Arts buildings

As of July 1st, it is no longer necessary to show a negative Covid-19 test to enter Faculty of Arts buildings. Nonetheless, please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

It is still necessary to wear an FFP2 respirator or mask of similar quality at all times while inside the building.


If you test positive for Covid-19 at any time, you must report it to the faculty by sending an e-mail to along with the following personal details: first name, last name, and student identification number (i.e. the number that is located under the photo on your ISIC/ID card).

Accommodation at Charles University Dormitories

Measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and the rules for quarantine in the dormitories of Charles University are available here

Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners

The Czech government has opened its Central covid-19 vaccination registration system for self-payers. It is aimed at persons not insured within the public health insurance system of the Czech Republic and residing within the Czech Republic for over 90 days. You can find all the relevant information at

  1. fill in your phone number
  2. obtain PIN1
  3. use it to acces the registration system

Teaching and exams

For summer semester 20/21, your teachers will let you know if the exam for a given class will be held in person or online. If the exam is held in person, you must follow the rules at the top of this page for entry into the building, and you must keep 1,5m distance from other exam participants.

Please make sure that the e-mail address you have listed in your profile in SIS is up to date, and check it regularly. Teachers will be sending you important information about teaching and exams to this address.

Faculty of Arts libraries

For detailed information about which library services are currently available, check here:

Coming to the Czech Republic

Current rules for entry to the Czech Republic are based on the risk designation of the country you are coming from – you can see your country’s designation and further details about the entry rules on this map:

General information about entering the Czech Republic, including links to the full text of current entry rules, can be found here:

Please note: If coming from a country marked black, dark red, red or orange on the map above, or if your country is not on the Czech Republic’s list of „low-risk“ countries, you must fill in the following form to announce your arrival: You must do this before you arrive.

If you need to submit a PCR test upon arrival, it is possible to get tested at the airport (at your own expense):

If you need to submit a test a few days after arrival, there are also various places in the center of Prague that do tests, the following locations are intended to serve visitors: · (rapid antigen and PCR tests) · (rapid antigen and PCR tests) · (PCR tests only) · (PCR tests only)


Please note, that only tests carried out by Charles University will be free for most exchange students. If you are not part of the Czech healthcare system (EHIC card does not count), you are not entitled to free antigen testing for the public, so you should reserve at the above links as a self-payer.